About Elektrooptik

Elektrooptik commenced its Audio/Visual Services for conferences in 1973 and soon established itself to provide technical expertise in related fields thus 

succeeding  in transforming itself into a Comprehensive project company. Since then, successes followed as a result of its dedication to excellence and commitment to client services leading  to time proven and world-wide reputation  for international congresses both in the eyes of conference organizers  as well as their end clients.

An event is known and remembered by its Audio, Visual and aesthetic appeal

Elektrooptik is fully aware of this fact and tailors its services to enhance the Sound

and Visual appeal of the congresses as well as its decor design aesthetics by sticking to the congress theme and enhancing its value by a fine blend of these indispensable  elements. The value proposition offered by the company can be best judged by noting the following:-

• 40 years of experience in international congresses

• The most recent/upto date  Audio/visually appealing  and spatially strong technical infrastructure.

• Creating environments through designs that provide the highest level of aesthetics, whether in the shape of stage, backdrops or other props that  offer an integrated approach to the portrayal of the congresses concept and theme to its participants.

• Functional design and solutions to strengthen conference appeal in a simple and

reasonable manner

In the present day and age which is popularly known as the Information Age, our

beloved country has acquired a highly respected position in congress tourism.  The

country's capital; Istanbul where Europe faces Asia both literally and metaphorically is one of the few cities  in Europe which top the list for Europe's most favorite congress destinations . Myriad conference organizers are emerging in this gifted country and are touching the heights of excellence in superb congress organization.

Elektrooptik besides having facilities for Technical equipment and Stage sets with Dekoryum. In addition ,with Aura Suites , we entartain long term guests in a comfortable home like enviroment.

other essential conference props has provisions for decor and catering as well through its in house catering/decor section.

Best Regards,

Elektrooptik Conference Systems

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